About Kalido

Just like a kaleidoscope lets you see unexpected patterns and shifts your perspective, we help set a new vision for our clients.

We are a customer experience agency providing customer analytics and marketing automation, digital experiences, creative and content.

Kalido provides innovative solutions to its customers by bringing together strategy, data, creativity, design and technology to optimise brand experiences, facilitate speed to market and unlock value at every touch point.

Our Clients

We take pride in working with some of the world's most interesting brands.

Our Partners

While our skills span a wide variety of tools and platforms we choose to partner with the following leading global data analytics and communications platforms.

The Senior Team

  • Joel Norton


  • James Bennett

    General Manager, Analytics & Marketing Automation

  • Peter Gurrie

    Head of Planning

  • Kimly Scott

    Senior Digital Analyst

  • Adrian Ryan

    Technical Director, Analytics & Marketing Automation

  • Jenny Barnes

    Operations Director, Analytics & Marketing Automation

  • Jimmy Storrier

    General Manager, Asia

  • Ian Harding

    Sales Director, Analytics & Marketing Automation

  • Azir Yousaf

    General Manager, Digital Experiences

  • Patricia Kattie

    Executive Producer

  • Jowel Bondoc

    Technical Lead, Digital Experiences

  • Huw Morris

    Creative Director